SpektrumBau 2020: Full speed ahead with Brextor

Brextor continues its global triumph in 2020. Even the coronavirus crisis, which is omnipresent in the media, does not seem to have affected the success of the innovative pile breaking machine.

Handover pile cutter
Latest technology for pile breaking

The success of Brextor is no coincidence, after all, it is the result of years of engineering and decades of experience. The team around CEO Alois Portmann has made a virtue out of the necessity of many construction companies, we remember: Until a few years ago, the iron-reinforced concrete piles still had to be laboriously removed by hand. The safety risk was not insignificant, not to mention the health risks. This definitely came to an end with the introduction of Brextor. The globally unique device revolutionised pile breaking and still guarantees perfect results of the highest quality in just a few minutes.

Brextor is invaluable for many entrepreneurs

This has not gone unnoticed in Switzerland either; numerous well-known construction companies such as Eberhard, Frutiger, Theler and HASTAG have already used Brextor in their prestigious projects, including the expansion of the A1 motorway in Affoltern ZH, the Wilderswil bypass, the A9 motorway near Raron and the Glasi Quartier in Bülach. However, the tenor was the same everywhere: total enthusiasm. In today’s world, where things can’t move fast enough, Brextor was and is an almost invaluable tool for construction companies.

Made in Switzerland for the world

The key figures are correspondingly impressive: Brextor has been used on over 280 construction sites and over 100,000 piles have been processed with it. A total of over 130 machines have been manufactured to date, with no end in sight. What many people appreciate: The product was not only developed in Switzerland but is also manufactured here. Incidentally, Brextor is sold all over the world, with numerous international patents guaranteeing that no low-quality imitations flood the market. BRC Engineering AG is not blinded by its own success and is fully committed to regional production, which is anything but a matter of course these days.

Full speed ahead in Zuchwil

Pile breaking

Our sample images show a construction site in Zuchwil (CH). The large construction site requires countless pile foundations, which is why the contractor Marti Construction SA is using no less than two Brextors. Delivery took place at the beginning of October and the machines have already undergone their baptism of fire. This is just one of countless examples of where Brextor is currently in use. Swiss quality at a unique price-performance ratio is winning over more and more companies, which is why it will continue to be the name of the game in the future: Full speed ahead with Brextor!▼

Further information: BRC, Sandblatte 7a, CH-6026 Rain
Phone +41 41 495 05 20 info@brc.swiss www.brextor.com

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