Explanatory videos

Short explanatory video (18sec)

Long explanatory video (3:45min)


Pile processing of 1.6m pile diameter

Foreman I Eberhard Bau AG I Philipp Kast I 2:11min

Processing of a reinforced tangential pile wall

Foreman I Frutiger AG I Felix Oechlsin I 1:43min

Tight spaces are no problem

Foreman I Marti AG I Fritz Neiger I 2:21min

Machining 2m large bored piles under tight time pressure

Civil engineer I Fent AG I Marco Fent I 2:25min

Short videos

Pile processing incl. Excavation (25sec)

Clean end result (19sec)

Several small piles (10 sec)

Power pole foundation (26 sec)

Demo Bauma incl. Suction device (10 sec)