Efficient, safe and qualitative breaking of piles

Brextor® is an innovative and patented method to break piles.

Brextor® is faster, achieves a better quality result and is gentler on health than conventional methods .

First, the concrete inside and outside the reinforcement is milled away. This breaks the core as well as surface tension. The remaining concrete wall is then removed with the BRC pile head crusher.

How Brextor® works

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Gentle processing

Breaking the core & surface tension

1) The core tension is broken with the Brextor® inner cutter.

2) The surface tension is broken with the Brextor® outer cutter.

3) The remaining concrete wall with the reinforcement in it is broken away with the BRC pile head crusher without risk of damage.

Work steps

4 steps to a processed pile

Step 1: If the pile has been over concreted, the excess concrete is removed with the milling disc until the reinforcing bars are visible. The reinforcing bars are marked, the center of the reinforcement cage is located and a small guide hole is drilled.

Step 2: Milling is performed to the desired height profile. The inner cutter breaks the core tension to avoid cracks in the pile body. The outer cutter breaks the surface tension to prevent spalling on the outer skin of the pile.

Step 3: The residual concrete is then broken away using the specially developed BRC pile head bit with longer biting arms.

Step 4: Finally, an electric hammer is used to clean the areas between the reinforcements.

Processable piles

A variety of piles can be processed

Pile diameter

400mm to 2000mm
(larger technically possible)

Reinforcement length

Standard 1.8m
with extension 2.4m
(pile diameter < 700mm 1.6m)


Single bored piles & all types of pile walls
(tangent, secant, contiguous)

Advantages of Brextor®

Brextor® is economical, environmentally friendly & good for society

Increased construction quality

Perfectly broken piles - No cracks in the pile body - No spalling on the pile skin - No bent or torn reinforcements - Height accuracy of +/- 1 cm

Lower construction costs

Demolition material: 80% gravel 0-30mm - Direct reuse on site - Brextor® requires less working space - Savings on transportation and disposal incl. fees - No need to purchase and supply replacement material - No effort required for diamant cut at extraction height - Massively reduced cleaning effort compared to conventional breaking methods

Shortened construction time

Processing time for a 1 m diameter, 1 m high pile: 40 minutes - Daily output of up to 16 piles possible - Brextor® enables reliable performance - Increased planning reliability thanks to Brextor®

Environmentally friendly

Direct reuse of demolition material (80% gravel 0-30mm) on site - Less space required thanks to Brextor® - Savings on excavation and replacement material - Reduction in transportation thanks to reuse and savings - Reduction in landfill costs thanks to lower material consumption


No physical sword work when working on piles - Massively reduced risk of health hazards such as HAVS syndrome - Avoidance of work in danger zones thanks to Brextor®

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