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Brextor - for sustainable construction processes!



Increased construction quality
No cracks/spallings
Height accuracy +/- 1cm

Reduced material consumption
Less workspace (only one side needs 30cm)
Reuse of demolition material (80% gravel 0-30mm)

Reduced construction time
Ø Pile 1m / removal height 1m → Processing time 1h
Pile processing from day 3


Smaller CO2 footprint
Less energy consumption for mining method
Less transports
Less material consumption

Less resource consumption
Less replacement material procurement
Smaller landfill load


Increased occupational safety
No heavy physical work
Less work in hazardous areas

Less emissions
Less transports
Shorter construction time


Brextor - A quantum leap in pile head milling

Higher, bigger and faster: When a building is constructed, everything must fit exactly - especially the foundation.  When removing iron-​reinforced concrete piles, a high level of care and precision in execution are an absolute must. With the Brextor you can mill the base for an optimal connection of the piles to the base plate in just a few minutes. Precisely planned, without uncontrolled cracks, in unprecedented quality. A patented process so that you can always rely on the foundations of your structures.

Brextor in use

1.6m pile diameter

Foreman I Eberhard Bau AG I Philipp Kast 

PlayButton BRC Brextor Beitrag Buelach EN StarBild

Reinforced tangential pile wall

Foreman I Frutiger AG I Felix Oechslin

PlayButton BRC Brextor Beitrag Wilderswil EN StarBild


Limited space / accessibility

Site manager I Marti AG I Fritz Neiger

PlayButton BRC Brextor Beitrag Hergiswil EN StarBild

Large bore piles / tight construction schedule

Civil engineer I Fent AG I Marco Fent

PlayButton BRC Brextor Beitrag Emmenbruecke EN StarBild



Roche Tower II - Basel

43 piles Ø 1200 mm I 104 piles Ø 1500 mm

Roche Tower II




Swisspor Arena - Lucerne
120 piles Ø 900 mm I 100 piles Ø 1200 mm I 40 piles Ø 1500 mm



Eastern bypass - Bad Zurzach
34 piles Ø 880 mm I 1011 piles Ø 1000 mm I 192 piles Ø 1300 mm

Ostumfahrung Bad Zurzach

Wilderswil bypass
80 piles Ø 700 mm I 894 piles Ø 900 mm

Umfahrung Wilderswil2


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