Brextor® Efficient, safe & high-quality pile breaking method

Brextor for pile breaking
Pile breaking of the future


Efficient & sustainable pile breaking

Brextor® is an innovative solution for breaking of piles (single piles & all types of pile walls) that is faster, more precise and more environmentally friendly than conventional methods.

With the patented Brextor® you can mill the base for an optimal connection of the piles to the base plate in just a few minutes without causing uncontrolled cracks or spalling. Brextor® reduces material consumption & transportation, resulting in a smaller CO2 footprint. Brextor® increases occupational safety and avoids heaviest physical work and working in hazardous areas.

Brextor® is a Swiss quality product that is patented worldwide and has already been used in many construction projects worldwide.

Advantages of Brextor®

Brextor® is economical, environmentally friendly & good for society

Increased construction quality

Perfectly broken piles - No cracks in the pile body - No spalling on the pile skin - No bent or torn reinforcements - Height accuracy of +/- 1 cm

Lower construction costs

Demolition material: 80% gravel 0-30mm - Direct reuse on site - Brextor® requires less working space - Savings on transportation and disposal incl. fees - No need to purchase and supply replacement material - No effort required for diamant cut at extraction height - Massively reduced cleaning effort compared to conventional breaking methods

Shortened construction time

Processing time for a 1 m diameter, 1 m high pile: 40 minutes - Daily output of up to 15 piles possible - Brextor® enables reliable performance - Increased planning reliability thanks to Brextor®

Environmentally friendly

Direct reuse of demolition material (80% gravel 0-30mm) on site - Less space required thanks to Brextor® - Savings on excavation and replacement material - Reduction in transportation thanks to reuse and savings - Reduction in landfill costs thanks to lower material consumption


No physically demanding work when working on piles - Massively reduced risk of health hazards such as HAVS syndrome - Avoidance of work in danger zones thanks to Brextor®

How Brextor® works

How the pile breaking method works

Step 1: If the pile has been over concreted, the excess concrete is removed with the milling disc until the reinforcing bars are visible. The reinforcing bars are marked, the center of the reinforcement cage is located and a small guide hole is drilled.

Step 2: Milling is performed to the desired height profile. The inner cutter breaks the core tension to avoid cracks in the pile body. The outer cutter breaks the surface tension to prevent spalling on the outer skin of the pile.

Step 3: The residual concrete is then broken away using the specially developed BRC pile head bit with longer biting arms.

Step 4: Finally, an electric hammer is used to clean the areas between the reinforcements.

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Applications with Brextor® in practice

Practical examples of applications with Brextor®

Processing of large bored piles on a tight schedule

Foreman I Eberhard Bau AG I Philipp Kast

Processing of a reinforced tangential pile wall

Foreman I Frutiger AG I Felix Oechslin

Tight spaces are no problem for Brextor®

Foreman I Marti AG I Fritz Neiger

Processing large bored piles on a tight schedule

Civil Engineer I Fent AG I Marco Fent


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Brextor® - efficient pile breaking method

How to break bored piles professionally

When it comes to the construction of long-lasting buildings or infrastructure, bored piles play a crucial role. Once the bored piles have been installed, it is extremely important to break them properly to ensure long-term stability and safety. If a bored pile is damaged during breaking (cracks in the pile body, spalling on the pile skin, etc.), this can have fatal consequences for the future or longevity of the structure. Discover the efficient, qualitative & safe method for the professional breaking of piles and thus maximize the service life of your construction projects.

Economical pile breaking: cost-effective breaking of piles

Importance of construction quality when breaking piles:

Careless or uncontrolled work can damage pile heads and cause long-term corrosion damage. There is a risk of cracks in and on the building, subsidence of the building, punching of ceilings or, in the worst case, loss of the required structural stability of the building. These risks do not exist with Brextor®. Perfectly finished piles without cracks in the pile body or spalling on the pile skin. In addition, the reinforcing bars are not bent or torn off and a height accuracy of +/- 1 cm can be guaranteed.

Reduce construction costs with suitable equipment and tools:

Thanks to Brextor®, construction costs can be reduced. The demolition material consists of 80% gravel 0-30mm and can therefore be reused directly on the construction site. In addition, Brextor® requires less working space than conventional mining methods. This means that not only expenses for transportation and disposal incl. fees are saved, but the purchase and supply of replacement material is also eliminated. Furthermore, the preparatory work eliminates the need for a separating diamand cut at the final extraction level and the cleaning effort is massively lower than with conventional extraction methods.

Speed of the pile breaking process:

Fast and efficient processes are crucial in order to meet or shorten project deadlines and minimize the associated costs. With Brextor®, speed can be massively increased without sacrificing quality! For example, a pile with a diameter of 1 m and a cut height of 1 m can be processed within 40 minutes. A daily output of up to 16 piles is possible. In addition, Brextor® provides reliable performance and therefore increased planning security.

Case study of a successful commercial construction project:

Extension of Liestal railroad station (CH) – Implenia AG site manager Stefan Lang: “The method also proved to be advantageous in view of the limited space available, as there would not have been enough room for a hydraulic hammer between the nail wall and the pile head. Just to create enough space for the breaking work using a hydraulic hammer, the 6 m high wall would have had to be moved back over a length of 300 m. This would have meant a massive increase in costs. This would have meant a massive increase in costs. In this way, 80 cm of working space could be dispensed with, saving 1440 m3 of excavation (fixed dimensions) and thus not only saving costs for excavation, transport, landfill fees and material replacement, but also protecting the environment by eliminating at least 280 truck journeys of 40 kilometers each. This reduced the CO2 footprint and the population benefited from a less congested road network.”

Your solution for sustainable construction: Professionally broken piles

Avoidance of material waste and unnecessary consumption of resources:

The use of Brextor® not only avoids material waste (reuse of demolition material 80% gravel 0-30mm), but also significantly minimizes the consumption of resources (landfills, replacement materials, etc.). This sustainable processing therefore provides a resource-saving alternative that makes both ecological and economic sense. Rely on sustainable construction with Brextor® and be a role model for sustainable and efficient construction methods.

Increased health and safety at work through professional pile breaking:

Professional breaking of piles also plays a crucial role in health and safety at work, particularly in connection with hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS). Vibrations from hand-held breaking equipment can lead to long-term health problems such as hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS). Professional pile breaking methods such as Brextor® eliminate the most strenuous physical activities and thus actively contribute to protecting the health of workers. Brextor® also avoids working in danger zones.

Breaking piles: Why choosing the right equipment is crucial

Factors to look out for:

Several factors should be considered when selecting equipment for breaking piles. These include the costs, the available space, the time required and the environmental friendliness of the design. The health and safety of employees must also be taken into account. Brextor® exceeds the expectations of an economical and sustainable design.

References and evaluations from expert teams:

When experts talk about Brextor®, they are talking about a method that combines quality, speed, predictability, sustainability, cost-effectiveness and occupational safety in pile head processing. For example, Egon Studer, Senior Site Manager at the Department of Mobility, Spatial Development and the Environment (DRMU), National Roads Service (DNSB) describes Brextor® as follows: “In particular, the care and precision with which the piles are broken down to the pile head height is a special feature of Brextor®. In addition, the performance can be planned, which is extremely important for follow-up work.”

Brextor®: The innovative solution for the professional breaking of piles

Bored piles are crucial for stable structures and professional pile breaking ensures the long-term stability of buildings. Brextor® guarantees perfectly finished piles without cracks and spalling, with a height accuracy of +/- 1 cm, which prevents long-term damage and corrosion. The right choice of equipment influences the effectiveness and efficiency of breaking. Brextor® reduces construction costs through more efficient processing, by reusing the demolition material directly on the construction site and by requiring less working space. Brextor® minimizes the use of replacement material and saves on transport and disposal costs. Impressive daily outputs enable construction projects to be completed on time and increase planning reliability without compromising on quality. Sustainable breaking not only reduces costs, but also the CO2 footprint. Professional pile breaking with Brextor® contributes to environmental protection and health prevention. Eliminating vibrations protects against hand-arm vibration syndrome. Brextor® ensures that safety standards are met. With Brextor® you get all the advantages for construction quality, cost reduction, time savings, environmental friendliness and occupational safety.

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