West-East connecting road, Schattdorf (CH)

Project: West-East-Connecting road (WOV) – Lot East Schattdorf. Previously, the maximum length of reinforcing bars that could be processed with Brextor® was 1.8 m (40x reinforcing bars 40 mm + 200 mm safety reserve). With the newly developed extensions, up to 2.4 m can now be processed. Such long reinforcing bars are mainly used in earthquake-prone regions.

The combination of the WOV (west-east link) and the half-connection represents an effective solution for traffic access in the canton of Uri by diverting traffic that currently passes through densely populated residential areas between Flüelen, Altdorf and Schattdorf. The current road network is overloaded due to the high volume of traffic, which leads to considerable problems and high levels of air and noise pollution for residents in Altdorf and Schattdorf.

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