SpektrumBau 2020: Brextor is unstoppable

The coronavirus is omnipresent and the economy is suffering. The construction industry has not been spared either, with the effects of the lockdown being felt everywhere. But despite the difficult times, there are also success stories to report: The now well-known BREXTOR from BRC continues its unstoppable success story. Another device was successfully introduced at HASTAG St. Gallen Bau AG.

Easy handling

Fortunately, no major construction sites in German-speaking Switzerland had to be closed. The distancing and hygiene measures declared by the Federal Office of Public Health FOPH were observed everywhere. Under the given conditions, handing over construction machinery was and is by no means an everyday affair. It is therefore all the more pleasing that the introduction of BREXTOR at HASTAG St. Gallen Bau AG has been uncomplicated and successful, even while consistently adhering to the corona rules. The machine operators, who were trained for half a day, were already able to operate BREXTOR professionally after this introduction, not least thanks to the simple handling of the attachment.

Decision to purchase BREXTOR

A few years ago, BRC Baudienstleister used BREXTOR on a construction site where HASTAG St. Gallen Bau AG was also working. The civil engineers were impressed by BREXTOR’s flawless processing and the high speed at which the pile heads were processed. These qualities left a positive and lasting impression on Paul Christinger, Head of Civil Engineering St. Gallen at HASTAG St. Gallen Bau AG. HASTAG St. Gallen Bau AG decided to purchase BREXTOR on the basis of several construction sites where such a machine could be put to good use. The company is convinced that the use of the device will increase efficiency while maintaining high quality.

Fast and gentle pile breaking

Paul Christinger also sees other areas of application for BREXTOR. Some industrial buildings, for example, can withstand heavy soil loads and must be secured with corresponding large bored piles. Clean and efficient pile breaking is crucial for such projects and is also highly appreciated by the engineers, as damage to the pile heads by BREXTOR is virtually impossible.

Must-Have Product

Once again, another well-known company is convinced by BREXTOR. It is incredible how the pile breaking machine has developed into a “must-have product” in the civil engineering industry. Not only HASTAG St. Gallen Bau AG, but all companies that already work with BREXTOR praise its speed and are enthusiastic about the easy handling and gentle operation of BREXTOR.
So it doesn’t seem too much of a stretch to say that BREXTOR is unstoppable! ▼

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