Contiguous pile wall

Contiguous pile wallThe contiguous pile wall is a special form of retaining wall construction in which the bored piles are inserted at certain distances from each other. A contiguous pile wall consists of individual piles set at regular intervals, between which the earth shoring is often provided with shotcrete. This construction method is often used to stabilize slopes where complete sealing against soil and water is not necessary. These retaining walls can be both temporary and permanent and contribute to the stability of slopes and embankments by absorbing the earth pressure.

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Areas of application

Slope and embankment stabilization

Contiguous pile walls are used to stabilize slopes and embankments in order to prevent soil or rock masses from slipping. They offer the high stability and load-bearing capacity required for securing steep slopes or unstable embankments. This is particularly important in areas with steep slopes or in landslide-prone zones.

Retaining walls

Contiguous pile wall as a backupIn urban areas, where space is limited and the protection of existing structures is of great importance, contiguous pile walls are often used. The method causes minimal vibrations, which reduces the risk of damage to neighboring buildings. In addition, the piles can be installed in narrow areas where the use of other methods is not possible.

Excavation support

Contiguous pile walls are often used to stabilize the sides of excavations. These walls provide a flexible and effective method of support and prevent the side walls from collapsing during construction work. They are particularly useful in urban areas where space is limited and the protection of neighboring structures is important.


⇒ Drainage capability

⇒ Low-vibration production

⇒ Fast construction


⇒ Limited application possibilities

⇒ Less stability

⇒ Not waterproof

Pile breaking of contiguous pile walls

The Brextor® -Method is a method that can be used to break contiguous pile walls. However, Brextor® can also be used to process all other types of pile walls, regardless of whether they are secant or tangent.

Brextor® offers you the following advantages:

🏗 Increased construction quality

Perfect pile breaking without cracks in the pile body or spalling on the pile outer skin, no bent or torn reinforcements and a height accuracy of +/- 1cm.

Machining of a contiguous pile wall

💵 Reduced construction costs

The demolition material consists of 80% gravel 0-30mm and can therefore be reused directly on the construction site. In addition, Brextor® requires less working space than conventional mining methods. This means that not only expenses for transportation and disposal incl. fees are saved, but the purchase and supply of replacement material is also eliminated. Furthermore, the preparatory work eliminates the need for a separating diamand cut at the final extraction level and the cleaning effort is massively lower than with conventional extraction methods.

Shortened processing time

For example, a pile with a diameter of 1 m and a height of 1 m can be processed within 40 minutes. A daily output of up to 16 piles is possible. In addition, Brextor® provides reliable performance and therefore increased planning security.

♻️ Environmentally friendly

With Brextor®, the demolition material (80% gravel 0-30mm) can be reused directly on the construction site. In addition, Brextor® requires less working space. This saves excavation and replacement material. Due to the direct reuse of the demolition material on the construction site and the saving of excavation and replacement material, transports can be saved. In addition, landfills are less burdened.

👷 Increased health & safety at work

No heavy physical work is required for pile cutting, which massively reduces the risk of health hazards such as HAVS syndrome. In addition, Brextor® avoids working in danger zones.

Are you ready for increased efficiency, safety and quality in your pile breaking projects?

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