Cemex 1

Top 50 - Cemex Ventures 2021

With a global focus, Cemex invests in innovative startups in the construction sector to drive the construction industry revolution.
It aims to create a better future for the construction industry by bringing together key players in the ecosystem, such as startups, entrepreneurs, universities and other stakeholders.

We are proud to be included with Brextor, among the selected Top 50 Most Innovative Companies in Construction.


Zertifikat Shenyang 2021

TOP 10 - Shenyang Overseas Elites Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition 2021

The Sino German Hi-Tech Park (SGHTP) is an innovation and cooperation platform for economic and scientific cooperation between Germany (incl. neighboring countries) and China.

In the Zhongguancun Innovation Center in the northeast Chinese city of Shenyang the final round of the China Shenyang Overseas Elites Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition 2021 was held.

We are proud to be among the TOP 10 companies !


IV Award 21 1

Award - IV Award 2021

We were presented with the IV Award 2021 for our collaboration in the integration of people with disabilities. With pride and joy we received this award on 03 February 2021 from Guido Graf in Lucerne.

Many thanks to WAS IV Lucerne.


Horizon 2020.Brextor

Seal of Excellence - Horizon 2020

We are very proud that our Brextor received the Seal of Excellence.
The Brextor is internationally recognized as a quality product with very high potential.
The technology is already an internationally recognized and undisputed solution for pile head reworking worldwide.

Seal of Excellence Brextor




Swiss Inno Titel 5

6. Place - Swiss Innovation 2018

It was a great pleasure for us to be part of the Swiss Innovation Challenge 2018 with our innovation, Brextor. Enriched by many inputs and experiences, we look back on a very eventful and exciting time.

Our commitment and efforts have paid off. We were proud to receive the special award for internationalization on November 22, 2018 at the Day of Business in Basel. In addition, we made it to the excellent 6th place in the main competition of over 100 teams.


Zinno be 928x680

1st place - Zinno Ideas Check
(ITZ Innovations Transfer Central Switzerland 2017)

Proudly we were able to receive the 7th Idea Check from ITZ Innovations Transfer Zentralschweiz for our pile head milling machine Brextor on Thursday 26th October 2017.